First of all Simplify desperately needs rebranding so it is much more recognizable, unique, and memorable. “Simplify” is a very self-explanatory name. It describe exactly what my interface does which is simplifying all the possible services that will be helpful to the elderly into one simple and intuitive interface. However, “Simplify” is a name that is over used and unrecognizable. Eventually it will be very difficult for me to market it online and create strong web presence. After further searching for a good name, by talking to some friends; one reminded me of Lilo and Stitch where there is a famous saying, “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind.” It is a very warming word even though one may not understand it but after asking a ton of people about the name ohana, people around my age gets the reference if I ask what it means to them when I say “ohana”.  Therefore, I’m thinking of rebranding my app to “ohana”.

I’m currently finalizing my design for the communication module and communicating with freelancer who codes my app to have an beta version of the app ready for UX testing. I have contacted the nursing home that I have worked with in the summer so this week will be planning out a schedule with them to perform a more extensive UX testing.

Every week I plan to read at least 5 articles or research about the elderly relating to technology so I can be fully knowledgeable in this field no matter what people ask me.