I was a bit lost with what I need to tackle first because there is a lot of things that needs to come together since I already have a initial design for the app. Here is the list of things that I need to accomplish before I launch the project:

  1. Branding and Rebranding – decide on a name that is recognizable, rememberable, and effectively represent the product.
  2. Story telling/Marketing – how do I talk about this product to make the most impact and sales? How do I convey those messages? Who am I talking to and what are my channels?
  3. Visual Design of the app – Graphics, symbols, colors, form, relationship between the interface and the physical iPad.
  4. UX testing – testing the app with the actual users so I get direct feedback on how i can improve my design.
  5. Create videos for tutorial purposes and story telling
  6. Business plan – how am I going to launch this product and make a sustainable service.

After talking to Carolyn on Monday of how I should tell the story of this product and how to visualize it to communicate to potential investors or customers, Carolyn suggested that I focus on the UX testing first because the usability of this app is the most important for the elderly and I need these feedback before I know what need to be changed on my current design. At the same time, I can take pictures or videos of how they use my app and collecting some quotes about how my app might help them with their day to day life. Carolyn made a good point about how these images or quotes from the elderly might be more powerful to tell a story compare to me telling the story.

I have also continuously reading articles on elderly with technologies and figure out what’s the most crucial issues that needs to be addressed. Now I’m going to check out more design books from the library about symbols and logo design.

I have been trying to contact the Geriatric Director, Raymond Yung, but I have not heard back from him so I will keep following up next week. I also reached out to my professor from SI, Lija Hogan, who taught SI 422 (Usability Research and testing), she is willing to meet with me next week so I’m going to have a script for the test ready and discuss any other type of testing can be useful.

Out of topic/ fun things happening in my studio is that I’m trying to design and make my own furniture! I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to use my hands to build again!!