Prep the User

  • Hi ____, Thank you for your time in participating our usability test. This usability test is to evaluate the efficiency and user experience of this app so don’t worry if you can’t finish or have trouble with the tasks because it is not meant to test your ability but only to observe what you do given certain tasks. Also your data and personal information will not be published. It will only be used for research and help us improve our design.
  • Sign consent form


  • We will give you few tasks and observe your interactions with the app
  • While performing these task, please think aloud and talk through why you are making certain decisions.
  • Afterwards we will ask you a few follow up questions

Task 1 (observe the context of where the users are most comfortable)

Can you find a place that you are most comfortable to sit or be during your everyday life?

Task 2 (Video call)

  1. You miss your son John and wants to video call him, what would you do?
  2. He picks up the phone and you talked for 5 mins about his work and kids. Now you want to hang up to call Emma.

Follow up questions:

Are you comfortable with video call? → whats your primary way of communicating

Would you prefer to have the choice of calling as well?/ Do you think simply calling is still important?

What do you think about before you call someone?

Do you usually call your family members first or you usually wait for them to call?

What are the problems, if any, that you encounter when you want to call  someone?

Task 3 (Messages)

  1. You thought of your daughter and want her to call you when she has time, what would you do?

You want to text your daughter, Arwin, to ask how she is, what would you do?

  • Trying to figure out whether the elderly is going to understand the preset messages or do they look for keyboard, or do they go straight to voice messaging
  • Do they get confused with voice messaging with voice mail? Does it makes sense to them?
  1. Now you want to tell your daughter to visit you in the afternoon because you want to go grocery shopping with your friends.
  • Do they understand they can record custom messages?
  • Do they instead go straight to call?
  • How comfortable are they with recording their messages using voice messaging?

Follow up questions:

For that task, anything that stands out to you or is confusing?

Are you more comfortable seeing your messages or hearing it?

Task 4  (Photos)

  1. It’s late evening and you want to see your favorite pictures, what would you do?
  2. After you are done looking through your photos and want to go back to the home page.

Follow up questions:

  • Where do you keep your photos now?
  • How do you see the new photos from your family or friends? Do you get to keep them?
  • How do you like to organize your photos?

Task 5 (emergency)

  1. When you suddenly feel like you can’t breathe, what would you do?
  2. When you are feeling very unwell what do u typically do?


Follow up questions:

  • Have you had an experience of emergency and what did you do?
  • Who did you call or who would you call? And why?
  • What other situations would you want to call 911?
  • What are other situations that you would need help right away but not necessary calling an ambulance or police?
    • Who would you want to contact to help you?
  • How comfortable are you to call 911 through an ipad?
  • Can you see iPad as another form of your phone? Or it feels very foreign to you?

Task 6 (onboarding)

Imagine this is the first time you get the app and now you want to set up the app and start using.  

General Follow up:

Are the icons help you understand what the functions are?

Are the directions clear?

What do you like to do in your daily life?

What else would you like to have in this app?

How’s the font size? Color?  Can they read or does it stand out ? – the green

Is there anything that was confusing to you?

Would you like to use this app?  

Success Matrix:

“Success” = perform the task within 30 seconds

“Failure” = Can’t figure out what to do and need hints or explanation