What do I want to test and find out?

  1. The elder’s thought process of doing certain task (Interview Question?)
    • What they are used to and understand?
    • How we can make it easier for them?
    • For example: If an elder woman wants to talk to her kids, does she think of calling? Or does she think messaging would be best. Is she even aware of the choice of messaging. If she finds out, will she use it?

Before messaging was introduced to them, when they want to talk, are they afraid to call because they don’t know if their kids are busy? What do they do? Does that stop them from being the active part of the communication?

  1. Can they perform the task based on our designed flow (Usability test)
  2. Major disabilities with interface and actual ipad (Usability test)
    • Interface:
      • Graphics: color, color contrast, font size, font, big touch points
      • Instructions: clear directions of what they should do next, perform task with confidence, easy to learn
    • iPad:
      • How the elderly holds the iPad?
      • What are the difficulties and successes?
      • Would like to bring them around the house/ even outdoors?
      • Where would they mostly use it?
      • Where do they spend most of their time at home or at the nursing home?
      • How do they treat the device? Like a fragile glass or a tool to be used?