Te Phan is a friend of mine who is also the owner of Ginger Deli. He found out that I was making an app so he invited me to tell him more about it because he is also developing an app himself which is called the Bride Vue. He started this startup 2 years ago and it is part of Spark venture capital in Ann Arbor. During the meeting I pitched my idea about Ohana and showed him the most recent design and development.

I told him the difficulties and the guilt I face for not being able to be there for my grandparents especially they took such good care of me and gave me so much love when I was young. I hurts me to know that I can’t do the same for them when they needed us the most. I have always wished that I can talk to my grandparents about anything and we could talk for hours but it have always been a bit awkward because of the distance and unfamiliarity.

He was very in loved with the idea and told me how he already bought an iPad for his dad but his dad is so afraid to use it that his dad takes out the ipad from the drawer every other day and simply wipe it then put it back. Sometimes, he does open youtube to watch some videos but that’s it. He doesn’t touch any other things because he is afraid to mess up something.

He also told me that I’m the only person who can make this product perfect because I really cared. He said in current society especially in the western culture, people don’t care much about their elders just because it is a very individualistic mindset. There’s nothing wrong about that but it is definitely different from how we grow up in Asian family where elders are the most respected and we should be thankful for what we have because of them. The connection within in the family is extremely important to us and valuable. His words definitely give me a lot of confidence and a sense of mission.

Moreover, we talked about how technologies is going to change as our generation gets older and the technologies we are used to is going to be different from what our grandparents now are used to. As a result, I should market Ohana as a services that empowers and connect the elderly to the rest of the world instead of an iPad app. We need to give our product space to grow and change. I think it is a great point to create a sustainable business.