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“DP is the Founder and CEO of mPortal, Inc., which develops mobile software solutions for telecom, cable and media providers. Under the direction of DP, mPortal has successfully grown into a profitable company with over 200 people, serving leading companies such as AT&T, Comcast, Cox, TELUS, Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless.”

I was at a dinner party with my partner’s parents who are friends with a lot of serial entrepreneur. We met D.P. Venkatesh who is very experienced in the software industry and sold several software companies. He thinks Ohana is a great idea and has a lot of potential but we need to launch it soon and get direct feedback from the users.

He told us, “there is no such thing as the perfect app, so launch it! ”

I know that I have been very slow in the design process because I want it to be perfect before anyone see it so our reputation especially my design reputation is not ruined. However, if I continue to slow down the process, other people will realize this idea and make it then our entire project would go to waste. As a result, I think we will aim to launch the first version of the app in November then continue to iterate which will allow us to have honest feedback from our customers. It will be tough but I think the main focus that I will be working on is branding and marketing at this point so I will have consistent content out there for people to follow.