Weeks before I thought the metaphor of a knot would be perfect because it symbolize an unending loop of connection that everything is tied tightly together. It also strengthen the confidence of the elderly to perform activities they do and bond with their loved ones. However, I have been struggling to come up with a knot form that meaningfully, aesthetically, and uniquely represent Ohana.  I was very discouraged and thought maybe I need to re-think what is Ohana and what are other interesting and distinctive characteristic of the my app so I made a list:

  • modular – different functionality
  • dynamic
  • means family – love – warmth
  • freedom – free the elderly from their pain and inconvenience
  • flexibility

From these key words, it reminded me of the Stamps lecturer last year Prem Krishnamurthy who started Project Project. One of his branding project for Salt Museum really opened my eyes to branding and logo. The brand was not based on one logo but it was recognizable because of the changes within the form of letters. It also allow the brand to change based on time and occasions which provides lots of flexibility to what the museum what to show and express. Then I look more into dynamic logos and MIT logo really strikes me as successful because the logo extend to sub-logos for the departments within the school. Since the form of the logo is so modular, the designer rearranged the shapes and create new sub-logos for each department which provides their own personalities but still maintain similar look and feel with the bigger brand.

The more I learned about it the more I see the connection and how dynamic logo can benefit Ohana as a brand since the plan for this app is continuously adding new modules that will effectively benefit the elderly population. It would be great if the logo can deconstruct and make icons for each modules.

As a result, I came up with this design which I’m almost satisfied with but worried about the accessibility to the elderly.  Talked to Carolyn about this issue of this “ideal” logo for myself or the “ideal” logo for the elderly because my goal for Ohana is to be as accessible as possible to the seniors but on the other hand I want to satisfy my aesthetic sense.

Possible problem with this logo is:

  • transparency – hard to see and recognize the shape for declining eye sight
  • abstract shapes that forms icons maybe confusing to the elderly
  • color scheme – soft tone of color does not match the app itself which has everything very saturated. Disconnect between the module designs with the logo.

Things to do to experiment and figure out if the logo is appropriate:

  • show it to multiple people especially the elderly
  • test out different colors that can be more aligned with the rest of the app/ try out how the app could look if the logo is going to be this modular one.
  • think of all the possible modules that I will develop and design all the icons using it.
  • test! test! test!